Peru thrash Uruguay in opening game

When coach Julio César Uribe said on arrival in Venezuela that he fully expected his side to achieve its objective “which is to win the Copa” there were plenty of sniggers around the continent.

It has been decades since his country’s footballing heyday and rather than fighting it out for titles Peru has in recent years been involved in an increasingly desperate scrap with the likes of Venezuela and Bolivia to avoid being the continent’s worst team.

Winning the Copa might still be a long shot but his side put in an accomplished performance to thrash a rather sorry Uruguay 3-0 in their opening game tonight with goals from Miguel Villalta, Mariño and a classy third from Paolo Guerrero.

With games to come against Venezuela and Bolivia, Uribe can now be confident that his side will progress to the quarter finals which would already surpass the expectations of most.



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2 responses to “Peru thrash Uruguay in opening game

  1. jim

    Uruguay were a disgrace in Merida on Tuesday night. At every turn they were second best to a fitter, superior Peru. The pedigree of the Charruas has diminished and the days of glory are sadly long gone. The players of the ’30’s and the ’50’s would have been turning in their graves the other night. A bit like Hungary maybe the weight of history burdens the future generations. The present squad has some quality, but jokers like Recoba just seem to love collecting pay cheques with minimal involvement, not to mention the hugely overrated coach, both are the catalysts to disaster. It isn’t so much about the Copa, but qualifying for South Africa, and the axe needs to fall on the Chinaman for one. Stop living in the past Uruguay and show your nation that you have pride in wearing the colours! Qualification is not yet beyond you as Venezuela in particular look awful. It is no coincidence that they won just won match in the Copa’s history. Playing for a 2-1 win at home to Bolivia, shame on you, and they got what they deserve! Vamos Charruas!!

  2. el choripan

    Astonishingly, it seems that Uruguay isn’t going to turn to the (washed up?) “magic” of Alvaro Recoba to rescue them against Bolivia. It’s sad Recoba is no longer the player he used to be, and he’s no saviour anymore. Cristian ‘Cebolla’ Rodríguez will start, with Maximiliano ‘Mono’ Pereira in the midfield and Andrés Scotti in defence. Fabián Estoyanoff, Fabián Canobbio and Diego Godín are replaced from the disaster against Peru.

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