Brazil Humbled By Mexican Second Team

Dunga’s career as a manager looked to hanging by a thread today after his lackluster Brazil side were embarrassed by a team of Mexican youngsters. Mexico humbled his side of stars 2-0 and it could have been more.

A goal midway through the first half from Mexico’s hugely talented young striker Nery Castillo was followed eight minutes later by a stunning free kick from Ramon Morales.

Castillo, one of Mexico’s contenders for man of the match, should have made it three but he missed an open goal with the last kick of the match.

A three-nil scoreline might have been a little harsh to Brazil but only a little. Dunga’s men were unlucky in the second half but they were wholly unworthy in the first.

Brazil looked completely out their depth in the first period and had no idea how to get the ball past Mexico’s rugged midfield line. Mexico, meanwhile, ran, chased, pressured and were comfortable enough on the ball during that first 45 minutes for their fans to chant Ole four times.

Hugo Sanchez’s team was missing at least six first choice players they were marshaled superbly at the back by the imperious Rafael Marquez and their tenacious midfield fed the lightning quick Castillo with gusto.

Brazil’s former Santos duo of Diego and Elano were sufficiently lackluster to be withdrawn after 45 minutes and the introduction of new Manchester United signing Anderson lifted Brazil in the second period, Afonso almost scoring from a sublime pass of his.

Robinho was always spritely and both Maicon and Gilberto showed spark on the wings but Brazil’s midfield lacked character – especially before the introduction of Anderson – and their forwards were anonymous.

This was Dunga’s first competitive game as Brazil manager and his side looked bereft of ideas.

It’s now back to the drawing board for the former World Cup winner, who must be regretting his early decision to alienate Kaka, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo.



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4 responses to “Brazil Humbled By Mexican Second Team

  1. Fred

    Brazil lacked character but I say that because they did not know how to respond to TOTALLY dominating Mexico before the first goal. I think Mexico’s first goal was scored on only their second attack!

    And Doni should be dropped – completely at fault for the second goal.

  2. Tricolor

    I also think a big question hangs over Dunga and Vagner Love. Love is not Brazil standard. This is clear. Dunga made a big mistake leaving him on and taking off both Diego and Elano. He did nothing in the 2nd half. I would have left Diego on.

    This midfield was too conservative. Against Mexico 2nd team there is no way that Brazil should play two holding players like Mineiro and Gilberto Silva.

    For next game I would like to see a midfield-attack of:
    Gilberto Silva
    I think with this Robinho can play more forward. Afonso did much more in 45 minutes than Love in 90 and must start.

  3. ManInLove

    “hugely talented young striker Nery Castillo”

    You sure?

    Of course he will always have a wonderful goal against Brazil but!
    -He had a man alone in front of an empty goal but elected to shoot himself with Brazilians closing in and was smothered
    -Then when charging down on goal and just the rubbish Doni to beat he elected to PASS to another Mexican who this time was the one surrounded by Brazilians and another attack was cut out
    -And his night will have been ruined by that miss. The guy has no right foot. He missed an open goal!

    He should have had a hat-trick and an assist against Brazil but just has one. He’s talented but seems to suffer from the common Mexican footballing version of the yips.

  4. El Arbitro

    Castillo is a greedy player. You are right, chances went a begging when he should have passed. And that open goal miss was unbelievable.

    But he ran Brazil ragged and gave quality defenders like Juan and Alex a hard time. He is fast and with a bit more maturity he can eliminate those mistakes.

    I’d certainly have him in my team.

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