Post-match Analysis from a São Paulo Taxi Driver

The patter in a São Paulo taxi today as the driver discussed Brazil’s loss to Mexico the night before:

“Dunga’s got to go. Now! He’s never been coach before, never. And now he’s in charge of the seleção? That’s not right. The players don’t respect him. Yeah, he’s won a World Cup medal but as a manager he’s done nothing and they know that. To be honest I hope we get dumped out of the Copa as quickly as possible so we get rid of Dunga before World Cup qualification starts because if he’s still there then that could a problem.

“I’d like to see Luxemburgo in charge. If he’d been in charge last night Mexico would have learnt a lesson. Instead we get Dunga who only knows how to manage like he plays. Like the way he plays two holding players just like in 1994. He’s always thinking how to break up play which is not the Brazil way. That’s all he knows. I like Dunga and respect him as a man but not as a manager. Get him out.

“And as for those players who didn’t go? Kaká and Ronaldinho? Tired? I do not see any of the Argentine players complaining about being tired and they play in Europe as well and just as many games. Difference is they are not mercenary like ours who once they go to Europe seem to care more about night-clubbing and women than the seleção.”

[El Arbitro’s paulistano filial did not have enough time to point out that as a fervent evangelical Christian Kaká is unlikely to be only interested in night-clubbing and women, whatever about Ronaldinho.]


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