Tevez is fans’ favourite – and with reason

One of the most surprising things about this tournament so far has been the off the field reaction to the Argentines and Carlos Tevez and Lionel Messi in particular. Both young players have attracted attention worthy of pop idols or film stars.

Only one has played any football in Latin America and both are youngsters in a squad laden with guys who have more experience and more winners medals. Certainly, neither has movie star looks.

But wherever the Argentine team goes, fans cry out “Messeee!” and “Carlitos” or “Apache!” Tevez’s nickname here. (It comes from the Buenos Aires barrio he grew up in, which was so rough it was called Fort Apache.)

Tevez has been by far the most responsive and has put many of those more experienced team mates to shame.

After a light training session this Friday evening, the Argentina squad posed for photos with a group of kids with cancer. When they left the pitch they had to walk by scores of fans who had trecked out Union Maracaibo’s training ground to see them. Most passed them by with barely a smile.

Tevez, however, stopped and signed dozens of autographs. Perhaps embarrassed, some of the players trailing him (Cambiasso, Veron) followed suit. Messi, the last out of the ground, was escorted away by soldiers. He stopped for one photo near the door of the bus.




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4 responses to “Tevez is fans’ favourite – and with reason

  1. el linea

    That’s what I like about Tevez. Salt of the earth…

    “Since they called me (to the squad) I knew I’d have to earn my place (in the team). There are great players here.”

    “I know I have to keep fighting to be in the team and for the team to win the cup, that’s the objective.”

    As for Messi, “We’re looking after him, surrounding him, so that he feels good with the team. He’s a great player.”


  2. El Arbitro

    It’s funny. When you are around him, he’s distant. I’ve sat next to him and it was like he was in another world. But he has certainly made more of an effort than the other players in the team and I think that, combined with the fact that fans can see he always gives his all, makes him special.

  3. V

    Slightly off topic but all about Tevez:
    He has hugely impressed me with his work rate in the EPL. They often talk about south american players playing ‘below par’ in the EPL.
    His work rate ensured that he would be a success and his enthusiasm for a team, who, for most of the campaign disregarded his and his compatriot’s talent, is an example.
    I would love to see him alongside Rooney. I would rather have him rather than the likes of Eto’o or Torres, or even Defoe.
    He seems very much like a people’s man.
    All the best to Tevez, and if you ever read this (which i very much doubt!!!), give a thought to moving to Man Utd. hehe… 🙂 PLZ

  4. El Arbitro

    I agree totally. And would say that West Ham also miscalculated hugely in dismissing Mascherano. He’s excelled at every club he has played at before or since…

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