Basile Confident the Best is Yet to Come

Argentine manager Alfio Basile was a picture of contentment after last night’s 4-1 win over the US. The experienced coach said his team of superstars did not play as he had hoped but were nevertheless efficient and clinical, especially after falling behind to an early penalty.

“The team didn’t play as I wanted, although there were moments when they were good and others when they were not so good,” Basile said after the match.

“We thought they (the United States) would get tired by the heat and it all worked out favourably in the second half. We kept trying to play the ball and look for spaces and when the spaces opened up things got a lot easier.”

Argentina went in at half time 1-1 after struggling to break down a resilient US midfield. But the heat took its toll on the inexperienced US side and midfield promptings from Veron and the pace of Lionel Messi, who set up two goals from the left flank, proved the diference.



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2 responses to “Basile Confident the Best is Yet to Come

  1. jim

    Aimar the magnificent. What a third goal, yet another team goal polished off by a great header. If the goal against Serbia in Germany was a gem, this was equally as good. Messi is an unpolished diamond, please, please don’t let European powers brokers ever buff down those exhilarating rough edges. The lazy magician was a crafty lad too with a couple of clever free-kicks. It is a pity the USA chose to devalue this traditional contest by sending the “B” team. Does anyone know why they were invited if that was the stunt Team USA was going to pull? Shabby.

  2. El Arbitro

    The US sent a second string because they couldn’t get permission from the MSL to release so many of their players so soon after the Gold Cup. Bradley, the coach, made veiled complaints about it last night.

    The US league is like the Brazilian league, it is competing with the Copa right now. Worse, the MSL holds the rights to the players and they exercised their right not to release them all.

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