An ad too far

Maracaibo is not unlike Texas or Arizona. It’s an oil town, the roads are packed with huge gas guzzling cars and SUVs and it’s searingly hot, a roasting 108 degrees on Friday. But one of the funniest comparisons is the advertising. It’s everywhere, even during the games.

And it’s not just the odd logo on screen when the ball goes out of play. Even the commentators play up the sponsors’ role during the action “And here’s a corner from the Banco de Venezuela, part of the Santander Group, the bank that breathes life into your ideas,” commentators crowed at least a dozen times during yesterday’s matches.

Or this: “If you’re the kind of fan who buys tickets and strips and flags then always remember to purchase using your Banesco credit card!

And my particular favourite: “Fifteen minutes of the game gone in the name of Meridian, Venezuela’s premier sports newspaper.”


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  1. el choripan

    The Mexican commentators on Univision aren’t up to much. One of them has a terrible habit with a Brazilian team – every time the CSKA Moscow forward gets the ball he says “Vagner Luuuuuuurrrve” (with Mexican accent). Funny the first time, but after 20 minutes it’s just wearing…..

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