Robinho gives Brazil three points

Brazil briefly moved to the top of Group B on Sunday with a 3-0 win over an unlucky Chile.

Dunga’s men won comfortably in the end but the result was hardly a fair reflection of a game they only secured in the dying minutes thanks to Robinho’s brilliance.

The Real Madrid forward scored twice in the last six minutes, the last of which was a superb solo goal. He had already put way a dubious first half penalty after being bundled over in the box.

Robinho was Brazil’s lone star, threatening every time he got the ball. But his teammates failed miserably to produce even a fraction of his creativity, with the midfield unable to find the space or imagination to break down a resolute Chilean side.

After an even first half, Chile came out looking for a winner and rugged centre forward Humberto Suazo had a shot saved off the line after beating four men in the box. Suazo was always dangerous and his link up play with Liverpool reject Mark Gonzalez frequently caused Brazil problems.

However, Chile too often pumped high balls into the box that were meat and drink to giant centre backs Juan and Alex and they paid the price for their profligacy.



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3 responses to “Robinho gives Brazil three points

  1. Fred

    Never a penalty! Why do latin refs seem to think an attacker falling in the box with a defender in the vicinity merits a penalty? Chile were hard done by, had to chase the game and then got picked off at the end. The ref ruined it for me.

  2. Robert

    I’ll take the opposite position. A clear penalty. Soft, often not called, and definitely generous, but it was a foul – when the ball was deflected the Brazil player hesitated and would’ve likely turned, the Chilean defender kept going and as a result pushed through the Brazilian forward.

    Like I said, a soft penalty, especially since the forward was not going to get himself in a position to get the ball, but a foul is a foul.

  3. Ralph

    It was a penalty…. clearly. Want to know why? Because the ref said so. That’s the way it is in soccer/futbol… it is what the ref says it is. Like all the times where there is an offsides call that isn’t… a foul that wasn’t… a penalty that may or may not have been. It is whatever the ref’s say it is and that let’s the rest of us discuss it later. Makes the game exciting that way doesn’t it?…..

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