Chelsea in for Castillo?

Chelsea have made enquiries about Mexico’s explosive young striker Nery Castillo, the Mexican press reported today.

Castillo’s father and agent said Chelsea, along with one unnamed Italian club and two unnamed Spanish sides, had asked about his availability and hinted that Olympiakos might sell their prize asset if an offer of 10 million dollars was forthcoming.

“He is known in Europe, he has a contract with Olympiakos until 2010 and we’ll have to wait and see because even though he is under contract if a club shows real interest then they could get him,” his father, himself an ex-professional said.

Castillo has scored two goals in two games at the Copa America, including one in Mexico’s shock 2-0 victory over Brazil last week. His pace and ability with the ball have been one of the main talking points in the tournament so far but his father said it was his club performances – three goals in six Champions League appearances – that had first caught the eye of scouts.

“He is getting a lot of offers not because he is in the national team but because people know him from Europe, for his performances in the Champions League, and we hope his club accepts an offer.”



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8 responses to “Chelsea in for Castillo?

  1. Jake

    Love the blog bro. Nery will not fit in at Chelsea though. He isn’t world class yet and he doesn’t like to sit. I doubt the immaturity that has plagued him in the past is completely gone and with a father constantly pumping up his son, it’s hard to expect him to keep a level head. That said, if he were to go to a team like Espanoyl or Parma, it would be a good fit for him.

  2. Jake

    Btw, what is your thought on the officiating so far in Venezuela? I’ve found it to be really poor except for the Mexico-Brazil game. Whomever did that game should do all of them. Yesterday’s games were both horribly officated and if you go back and look, the line judge missed at least 4 offsides calls (where he called offsides and it wasn’t)

  3. El Arbitro

    Agree that he’d be better at a smaller team where he can get a regular game. You just need to look at the likes of Sean Wright-Phillips at Chelsea to see how sitting on the sidelines at a giant club is not always the best move for an up and coming player.

    On the refs, I don’t think it has been as bad as some tournaments (like the 2002 World Cup, which was a new low) but we were already planning to write about the standard, which hasn’t been great. We’ll have something on the subject tomorrow. Watch this space…

  4. Racing Edinburgh

    One of the truly tedious aspects of watching the Copa here in the UK, is suffering Sky tv’s overtly pro Premiership coverage. I am unsure if anyone except the Colombian keeper hasn’t been quoted in commentary of attracting attention etc. Chile’s Suazo is apparently an unpolished Wayne Rooney for example?! Go to Spain young Castillo if you must go anywhere, Sevilla for example play the expansive sort of game he’d delight in being involved in.

  5. Jake

    I agree he would love sevilla, but with Kanoute and Navas they are pretty much set.

  6. Noe

    I agree that playing with a smaller club would be good for Nery. He needs to gain more experience and learn to pass to open players when he doesn’t have a clean shot. If he signs with Chelsea, it will take him forever to make first team. Signing with Sevilla or Valencia would be a better fit for him until later then he can go to Man U that wanted him but he couldn’t get a work permit….?

  7. dichotomy

    Nery has loads of quality. Even if he did not get a regular start, he would come off the bench and get the late winner and do it regularly. He is far better than Wright-Phillips and he would push Robben, Cole and possibly Malouda for a first team place. His touches are more productive than Joe Cole, and he has a better shot than Robben. We will see how this plays out, but Nery has every chance to be Mexico’s best ever…

  8. Angel

    I think Nery is a great player n he will fit in wit Chelsea dis year because drogba n kalou are goin 2
    play a cup n africa so he can really help the team
    n da 1st 7 weeks of the tournament….

    he has great talent n european style of playin, he can really be somehting n the FA PREMIER….
    give him a chance n u wont be dissapointed

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