Worrying about having nothing to worry about

Argentina fan and Guardian blogger Marcela Mora y Araujo worries about having nothing to worry about given Argentina’s smooth progress through the group stages of recent tournaments:




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4 responses to “Worrying about having nothing to worry about

  1. el choripan

    Argentina’s squad may well be by far the best in the copa, and their two wins have, in the end, been convincing. But stronger teams than the US and Colombia may have more to say. Both those teams went ahead and a Brazil or a Paraguay may not give away such a lead so easily. Colombia staged a comeback against Argentina that very nearly succeeded and again exposed their defence. Not much to worry about yet, maybe, but the real challenge starts now.

  2. FrankTheTank


    It is a pity that the Paraguay game now means little. I expect both to go for it more than maybe others would but both will be thinking of later games.

    Brazil are not as good as them but that was the case in 2003 and look what happened. Also Mexico have the bit between their teeth and remember how close they ran them in Germany? (Why is it that Mexico seem so poor against the US but raise their game so much against the Latin big guns?)

  3. Bo Duke

    Why are Mexico suddenly turning it on? I think the injury to Jared Borghetti was a blessing in disguise, they look a much more dynamic, exciting team going forward now. Perhaps it’s time now to pension off Borghetti , his relative immobility is starting to hinder the fluency of the team as a whole. Sure, he was a great target man for Blanco’s crosses, but how long will the latter be around too?

    It’s definitely time for the younger generation to get their chance, Mexico have a talented group of youngster’s coming through and they need a clean playing field on which to make their mark.

  4. El Arbitro

    Mexico’s problem is psychological. They have an inferiority complex that holds them back against European sides.

    They could go all the way at this tournament, though. To me they are the next best team after Argentina.

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