Bomb Site Barquisimeto

I just arrived at the Metropolitano Stadium, where tomorrow night the US play Colombia and Paraguay take on Argentina. It is a BOMB site.

I have never seen anything like it in 35 years of watching football. To say the stadium is not finished is like saying Kaka can play a bit.

It is a total disaster. Wet concrete everywhere. Half finished pillars with iron bars sticking out of them. Wires hang from walls and ceilings. Scaffolding everywhere. Rough edges jut from half finished barriers. Steps made of wood because the concrete hasn’t been poured yet. Seats still to be fixed to the ground.

Builders simply gave up on the corner sections of the ground, one of three stadiums built from scratch for the tournament. Three of the four corners are missing and there are huge stantions where the roof over one end was to supposed to be. Some 5,000 seats of the original 42,000 capacity are missing.

Outside the stadium, there are literally dozens of earth movers, diggers and trucks scuttling around trying to get things done. The main road to the stadium, which is a good half hour from the centre, is unfinished. Workers are still laying tar on one side of the highway.

The pitch itself looks great and the view from the stands rivals that of the best grounds. But this is a dangerous place to watch football.



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3 responses to “Bomb Site Barquisimeto

  1. Fred

    Hope the Argie barras are not on tour as they’d love all the free ammo if they fancied a fight. And they often do

  2. Scary to hear. Watch your feet!

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