Group A Wrap

Definitely the weakest of the three groups and it takes a very large leap of the imagination to see any team from it progressing beyond the quarter finals. It had the lowest goals-per-game ratio of the three groups and also included the competition’s poorest two games so far: tonight’s 0-0 between Venezuela and Uruguay and Uruguay’s 1-0 victory over Bolivia.

The highlights were Peru’s surprise 3-0 victory over old Copa dogs-of-war Uruguay in the opening game and then again 10-man Peru’s agonising late, late, come from behind draw against Bolivia to guarantee passage through to the quarters.

Fair dues to hosts Venezuela winning their first Copa game in 40 years and topping the group and hats off to new Chelsea man Pizarro who stepped up when his country needed him most.

Group A team most likely to go far: We’d say Peru only they face either Argentina or Paraguay next so… about hosts Venezuela on the understanding they get disappointing Uruguay again.



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4 responses to “Group A Wrap

  1. David Adams

    Andy, great to have this wrap as I am on vacation in Turkey and haven’t been able to read much coverage of the games. As a Chelsea man I’m rooting for Peru after reading your description of their last game.


    David Adams

  2. Actually I can pretty much guarantee you one will pass to the semifinals.

    Because of the laughable format of the second round, Venezuela will face Uruguay AGAIN!

    The whole planet can’t wait to see a rematch of such an exciting game…. :S

  3. Racing Edinburgh

    Venezuela v Uruguay was the Copa’s Austria versus West Germany in 1982, if you were the Charruas and could guarantee a date with the hosts rather than Argentina or Brasil, who’d you prefer to play?! Will the real Uruguay kindly step forward. The Chinaman got a little time in the warm up for the re-match, so watch out Los Vino Tintos! You are right Venezuela07, only in CONMEBOL could two teams from the same group end up playing each other in the next round! Bizarre.

  4. pondwatching

    originally thought Peru would make the final and lose to Argentina, but that was after the first round had ended, and assuming Peru would top the group. They ‘ve since dropped a notch or two in my estimation, but you never know. Frankly they’re all crap, though at least Bolivia have had a go !

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