Bravo Chile!

Chile’s poor record in the Copa America is obviously a matter of national importance.

The country’s President Michele Bachelet interrupted a speech last night to celebrate Chile’s 0-0 draw with Mexico that took them into the quarter finals. Bachelet was addressing a Congress of mayors and local leaders when an aide whispered the result in her ear and she couldn’t contain her enthusiasm.

“That’s how it finished? 0-0,” she said, breaking away from her written text. “Ah Bravo! That’s one point more…four points. We’re through!”

“Now it’s Brazil-Ecuador…let’s see what happens there,” she went on. “I promise to end (my speech) before that game begins.”

Bachelet has budgeted 1.39 million dollars for a renovation of Chile’s National Stadium and has backed the Chilean FA’s bid to host the 2011 Copa America. The National Stadium is notorious not just as a football venue but as the place where right-wing dictator Augusto Pinochet murdered supporters of Salvador Allende after toppling him from power in 1973.


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