Tevez to Man Utd

While reports in England say Carlitos Tevez is as good as a Manchester United player with the deal set to be finalised next week it is worth noting that there is nothing on the deal so far out of Buenos Aires or Venezuela except a rehash of reports from the UK.

This is not to say that the deal is not on, just no word yet. After all fans back home in South America are often the last to hear what their heroes are up to these days. Reports in Brazil say MSI frontman Kia Joorabchian has not been in the region for months. Kia had run Corinthians for the mysterious Russian funded MSI and developed a close personal bond with Tevez whom he brought to Corinthians from Boca Juniors in 2005.

Kia is now considered the player’s agent and many would argue owner, despite the Premier League saying it was happy that West Ham – where Tevez played last season – had sorted out the paperwork and were the belated owners of his registration.

If Tevez does move – and he would be a brilliant capture by Sir Alex – it will be interesting to see how much of the rumoured £20mn fee West Ham get. If it turns out to be very little or none at all it might reignite action by Sheffield United and Wigan to have West Ham thrown out of the Premiership for irregularities surrounding the Tevez deal and have Sheffield reinstated in their place.



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11 responses to “Tevez to Man Utd

  1. el choripan

    Would this be a good move for Tevez? Would he get a place in the team or would he be a supersub? I can’t imagine Tevez enjoying that for long.

  2. El Arbitro

    I believe he would quickly become an automatic starter. He is pure quality and guts and proven that wherever he’s gone.

    Man Utd play attacking formations, especially in the league so there are more places to accommodate all the attackers they have. Also Tevez is more of a striker than Ronaldo, Anderson and Nani. He’s an infinitely superior player to Alan Smith. And (despite the Neanderthal looks) he’s a highly intelligent player with buckets of street-smarts.

    He is also a very brave player who never gives up, leaving everything on the pitch (…..until he wants a move to another club….Boca ’04, Corinthians ’06). This makes him the sort of player that Sir Alex has valued in the past. And as someone who learnt to play in street games for money against boys twice his age in Fuerte Apache he’ll never be intimidated.

    His record bears comparison with anyone’s at Old Trafford: Argentina champion, Copa Libertadores champion, Brazil champion and three times South American player of the year.

    He pretty much single handedly saved West Ham last season, despite them not having a clue how to handle him when he first came, shining in a team that was circling the plug hole.

    And we can argue about whether he should be a starter for Argentina or not but suffice to say that there are many canny Argentine fans who want him in their first eleven.

  3. Fred

    I’d be sad to see Man Utd add such a good player as it will probably just widen the divide in the EPL between the top four and the rest but I agree Carlitos would be a success at OT, if for no other reason his character would fit in with the Alex Ferguson way. Anyway I’m glad he is not going to Chelsea where with Jose he probably would have been left alone up front foraging which would have been a waste of his many talents.

  4. Fred D

    I don’t think that the sheffield problem will re-open again, its all over, too much money in it for West Ham. I wonder if there is any money changing hands between West Ham and Sheffield. I bet your boots there is something afoot, but will we ever hear about it

  5. Juanma

    Also, just my feeling but Carlitos scores lost of important goals: the opening goal, the equaliser, the come back goal. This is a great quality.

  6. Bo Duke

    Isn’t there a danger that he’ll just be cover for Rooney? I can’t see how the two of them in one formation will work. Or is Ferguson looking for his next Paul Scholes?

  7. colin

    Last season I saw 4 or 5 premiership games every week,and West Ham were not a team I enjoyed watching. But when I saw Tevez during West Ham’s
    struggle to avoid relegation and saw how he took the game by the scruff of the neck and turned failure into victory with his grit and determination, I was extremely impressed and excited that such a great player was in the premiership.
    I can hardly wait to see him play for Man U in the coming season. He may start slowly while fitting in,but my guess is he will eventually become the heart of the team,and Mr Excitement!

  8. Andrew

    Where’s Mourinho in all this? The great one (sic) has been way too quiet all summer. Does he think he can beat a ManUtd team with all that new talent?

  9. Racing Edinburgh

    Why does a piece of chat about a top South American maybe changing clubs in England provoke a raft of comment, and yet no one has a response to the clearly deluded Peruvians (see opening blog tonight)! Who cares.

    If anyone is reading this from Sky tv in Britain get rid of all your co-commentators for the Copa, but especially the fawning platitudes of Craig Brown. They all know diddly about South American football!

  10. negri

    Peruvians might be deluded but I think it would be great if they cause a real upset rather than the moderate one against Uruguay. Something like that would be great.

    A pity the commentators are bad in UK. Could they not have got an Ardiles or Poyet or someone like that to go in and at least give some proper background?

  11. alex

    That would be great, He is one the best fowards
    in the premiership. Imaging Tevez and Rooney
    playing together and Ronaldo behind them. WOW

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