League Threat to Tevez Man Utd Switch

The proposed £20 million transfer of Argentina star Carlos Tevez to Manchester United is reportedly under threat from English league authorities.

As Latin Football World yesterday suggested it might the proposed transfer looks to have put back in jeopardy West Ham’s top flight status. The League is said to be ready to block the move unless a significant portion of the fee goes to West Ham.

This could lead to conflict between the selling club and Tevez’s people because the club paid nothing to bring Carlitos to West Ham in the first place. When he moved to Europe from Brazil his registration remained the property of MSI, the mysterious Russian backed group, who ‘parked’ Carlitos at West Ham waiting for a move to a bigger European club.

After several months this was declared against the rules by league authorities who fined West Ham but did not deduct points as was expected. In part this was because the struggling side had appeared to have moved quickly to resolve the matter with MSI giving West Ham Tevez’s registration which is now registered to the club.

The question now is who should get any money arising from a Man Utd transfer? MSI will be loath to see any go to West Ham who paid nothing for the player in the first place. But if West Ham get little or nothing it will prove that the transfer of the player’s registration from MSI to their control was nothing more than a sham to get around regulations.

This has potentially explosive legal ramifications not only for relations between West Ham and MSI but also for West Ham, English football authorities and Sheffield United – the relegated club fighting to have points deducted from West Ham for their part in the saga and so take its place in the English second tier.


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