The best Copa 11 so far?

Estado de S.Paulo picking the following 11 as the best team of the tournament so far:

Vega (VEN),

J.Zanetti (ARG), Rafa Márquez (MEX), Cichero (VEN), Ormeño (CHI)

Torrado (MEX), Mariño (PER),

Messi (ARG), Riquelme (ARG)

Robinho (BRA) and Santa Cruz (PAR)

Getting a mention:

Abbondanzieri (ARG)

Ayala (ARG)

Juan (BRA)

Arce (MEX)

Guardado (MEX)

Love (BRA)

Crespo (ARG) sadly now out injured

Suazo (CHI)

Castillo (MEX)

Biggest disappointments:

Diego (BRA)

Forlán (URY)

Matias Fernández (CHI)

Looks to be a bit of Brazilian bias in this. Love? And Diego looks like scapegoating – he’s barely had a chance. And we are big fans of Roque Santa Cruz too so we would like to keep him in this dream team but Castillo does not belong on the bench. So we would drop Robinho. After all, there is no guarantee he’ll have so much help from the ref when playing for someone other than Brazil.

Any thoughts?



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9 responses to “The best Copa 11 so far?

  1. Carlos

    Guardado??? He only played 45 minutes against Chile. What are these people smoking?

    I agree with you. Neri Castillo instead of Robinho. And Arce (Bolivia) should be on that list.

  2. negri

    Maybe because it is Friday the Estado newsroom are all having a laugh after some of Paraguay’s finest herb.

    I also agree Neri is definitely ahead of Robinho

  3. amalg

    Play 3 at the front and keep Robinho on. He’s carried that team so far.

    Vega? He’s played ok, but has looked shaky at times. Let’s not forget that Ochoa saved Mexico against Brasil. He’d be my pick for best keeper so far, even if he hasn’t played all their matches.

    Love the blog.

  4. Cheers amalg

    Agree with you that Ochoa should not have been overlooked. At the very least we would have had him in against Abbondanzieri who had a little wobble the only time when he was put under a bit of sustained pressure in the second half against Colombia.

  5. pondwatching

    I’d have Caceres, of Paraguay partnering Marquez at the back.

  6. cjmewett

    While I didn’t see the entire Colombia-Argentina match, I think Yepes has been a disaster and deserves consideration among the biggest disappointments.

  7. Right, cjmewett!

    Yepes played in the 5-0 hammering by Paraguay and was dropped for the second game. He was given a run in the second string last night and wasn’t even great there.

    Can’t argue he’s been poor.

  8. Stas

    First of all, thank You for the blog! This is the best read on this Copa.

    My team:

    Ochoa – Ayala, Rafa Marquez, Cichero – Riquelme, Mascherano, Marino – Robinho, Messi – Castillo, Crespo

    Bench: Abbondanzieri, Juan, Caseres, Vera, Suazo, C. Pizarro, Santa Cruz

  9. Cheers Stas

    I might quibble with one or two of your choices but applaud your all-out attacking formation. It would be fantastic to watch.

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