No Goals Last Night So Enjoy This Instead

Brazil-v-Italy, July 5th 1982, Estadio Sarria, Barcelona:

It was twenty-five years ago this week and while Dunga’s pig of a team in Venezuela will likely be remembered with distaste even should it thrash Argentina in the final, this glorious bunch of losers have once again been feted all week on Brazilian media, showered with love and affectionate ‘what ifs’.



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2 responses to “No Goals Last Night So Enjoy This Instead

  1. Matt

    One of my favorite games of all time–I have it on tape and make it a point to watch it at least once a year (though I always cringe at the fouls the Italians are permitted to get away with without a booking).

    Speaking of Brazil, what is the local media’s reaction to the U-20 team’s travails in the youth World Cup? I know that a few of their key players (e.g., Anderson) are with the senior team but two losses in the group stage must surely be a cause for great concern. Or is the country so wrapped up in Copa America that it is not a big issue?

  2. Hi Matt

    Actually the Brazilian media and fans in general are not that wrapped up in the Copa at all. The domestic championship is still going on and proving a major competitor for attention.

    There are nine first division games today and so in São Paulo and Belo Horizonte anyway (where El Arbitro’s Brazilian filial has been during the Copa) the focus is more on club than country, which is a real shame as it dilutes the atmosphere that develops around it in say Argentina where the league is closed, or in all Europe when the European Championship is on.

    In São Paulo there is far more news and comment about the crisis in Corinthians and Santos and the turnaround at Palmeiras than there is on the Brazilian squad in Venezuela.

    That said Dunga is coming in for a hammering on the radio and talking to people it is the same thing. But you sense there is no hope or enthusiasm about Brazil’s campaign given Dunga’s approach.

    The bad show by the kids is making the news but it is a distant third.

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