Chile’s Press Demand Head of Coach Acosta

The Chilean press have reacted with outrage after their side’s humiliating surrender to Brazil on Saturday when the scandal hit side were brushed aside 6-1 with several papers calling for the sacking of coach Nelson Acosta.

Chile players are accused of running amok in their hotel after a drinking session just three nights before the quarter-final with Brazil.

But the directors and club presidents who make up the leadership of the AFNP, the Chilean FA, are said to be divided on whether to sack Acosta or keep him on. They also face the tricky task of how to handle sanctions against the players accused of misbehavior if the charges are proven.

Among those in the dock are several of the players around whom the qualifying campaign for the 2010 World Cup was to be based, such as play-maker Jorge Valdivia.


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One response to “Chile’s Press Demand Head of Coach Acosta

  1. el choripan

    The Chilean press always demand Acosta’s head. The football association serves it up, then they have an England-like shuffle through the best and worst on offer, most people either turn them down or fail dismally, and they end up back where they started. Acosta and Sven for South Africa 2010!!! It’s either that, or Bonvalet to coach both teams at the same time.

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