Our Man Leaves The ‘City Of Ice’

I bid farewell to Barquisimeto and Argentina today and head back to Maracaibo to catch the first semi-final between Brazil and Uruguay.

Maracaibo is known as the City of Ice. Even though the mercury frequently hits 100, the city is like an igloo. Indoors at least.

While the streets are sweltering, industrial air conditioning chills almost every enclosed space, making the transition from inside to outside and vice versa a fraught venture. You never know whether to wear shorts or take a jumper.

The worst thing is there’s no escaping it. Venezuelans are addicted to their air conditioning and more often than not it is centrally controlled. The A/C units in hotel rooms have no off switch.

So even though I am in one of the continent’s hottest cities, I am frequently freezing. Venezuelans get a kick out of hearing a Scotsman tell them they have the coldest city in the tropics.


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