Chilean Coach Acosta Resigns

Chilean coach Nelso Acosta resigned today, three days after his side were beaten 6-1 and dumped out of a disastrous Copa America.

Acosta’s team won just one of their four matches and conceded 11 goals. They were also embarassed off the field when a group of players were accused of taking part in a drunken rampage after drawing with Mexico and qualifying for the quarter finals.

Acosta, 63, said it was time to make way for a new coach and made vague references to the abuse he took as the national manager.

“I am retiring from the national side after I think 10 years in charge and making some history,” he said, fighting back tears. “They can now take their time and choose a new coach.”

“It is not right that the man in charge is attacked every time something happens,” Acosta added. “People should be careful, they must have some respect.”

Acosta took Chile to the World Cup in France in 1998 with players like Ivan Zamorano and Marcelo Salas in the ranks but they drew their three matches and were hammered 4-1 by Brazil in the knock out stages.

After a brief spell in charge of Bolivia in 2004 he returned to take over at Chile again in 2005 but could not take them to the same heights as during his first term.



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2 responses to “Chilean Coach Acosta Resigns

  1. Just to let you know (and i posted this here because it’s the latest posting and so you are more likley to read it) Jose Andres Guardado is going to Deportivo La Corona (probably) not PSV as reported earlier. The link is in the website box. You do read spanish right? if not, I could translate it for you if need be.

  2. Thanks for that Jake, I’ll get that up there right now. Keep reading and posting!

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