Nery Castillo Injury Doubt Ahead Of Argentina Game

Mexico’s top scorer and the revelation of this Copa America Nery Castillo is a doubt for tomorrow night’s game against Argentina.

The Olympiakos striker injured his left knee in Sunday’s 6-0 thumping of Paraguay in which he scored two goals, to bring his Copa total to four. Reports say his chances of being ready are few given the short time remaining before the game kicks off.

The 23-year old Castillo was born in Mexico to a Uruguayan ex-footballer and was signed by Greek club Olympiakos after debuting with modest Uruguayan league side Danubio aged 15. This confusion of identity lead the Mexican, Greek and Uruguayan national associations all try and persuade him to declare for them.

He held off until recently opting for Mexico, he says on the advise of his father. He refused to have anything to do with the Mexican team while it was under the polemical management of Argentine coach Ricardo La Volpe before finally debuting under Hugo Sanchez.

His loss against Argentina would be a huge blow for the Tri.



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4 responses to “Nery Castillo Injury Doubt Ahead Of Argentina Game

  1. tito

    Honest question: what about La Volpe’s management was ‘polemical’? He seemed to do a great job with the team in the world cup (losing to Argentina in one of the best matches of the tournament is hardly shameful!) and I was surprised to see him go…

  2. Tito, no arguments about him instilling some self belief in Mexico and taking them to a new level. It was the way he did it that was controversial. He ruled by fear and his main tactic was confrontation. He alienated many people during his spell in charge.

  3. Bo Duke

    Sounds like a convenient excuse to me, blaming La Volpe’s presence for his indecisiveness. Doesn’t change the fact that Castillo was perfectly entitled to choose which team to play for, and shouldn’t have received the criticism he did in the Mexican press. Same goes for La Volpe, he was confrontational and aggressive, but he suffered incessant and often xenophobic criticism from the press and certain prominent members of the footballing establishment, all he asked for was to be judged on his results and he rarely was. La Volpe’s attitude, in my opinion, came more from exasperation than anything else.

  4. Don’t agree with that BoDuke. There was xenophobic criticism of LaVolpe yes. But he was agressive and confrontational long before he took over the Tri.

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