You Can Hope…

Venezuela wants to host the 2022 World Cup.

The Copa America has been a success, even though some stadiums are unfinished and the country’s infrastructure is clearly unprepared for the influx of visitors. But Venezuelan footballing authorities are so bouyed by the experience that they want to do it again and are vowing to ask FIFA President Sepp Blatter to support a bid for the tournament.

“We are expecting Mr Blatter on Friday the 13th and we will ask him to host the Under 15 or Under 17 World Cup,” said Rafael Esquivel, the president of the Venezuelan Football Federation. “Nevertheless, people asked me why don’t we go for the big World Cup in 2022.”

“And so we will ask for that too. We must take advantage of this opportunity, we have the best stadiums in South America and we have the unconditional support of the President Hugo Chavez.”

Dream on, muchachos…



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2 responses to “You Can Hope…

  1. Luther Vandross

    Given the performance of the stadium in Maracaibo tonight, I think that Venezuela just lost any chance at hosting any World Cup. It’s not good when the lights go out and it takes at least 20 minutes (as they are predicting now on Univisión) to turn them back on.

  2. Fair play to them, the Copa hasn’t been bad at all. But Venezuela have more chance of winning the World Cup in 2022 than hosting it….

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