Castillo Out Of Semi

Mexico’s lightning quick striker Nery Castillo will miss tonight’s semi final against Argentina.

The Olympiakos forward has failed to shrug off the knee injury he picked up in the 6-0 quarter final drubbing of Paraguay, according to the team’s press secretary Mauricio Zavala.

His absence will be sorely felt by the Mexicans, who have relied on his pace to undo defences. Castillo, 23, has been one of the stars of the Copa America, scoring a memorable goal in Mexico’s opening match against Brazil and notching two more since.

His place will likely be taken by either Omar Bravo or Cuauhtemoc Blanco.



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10 responses to “Castillo Out Of Semi

  1. pondwatching

    that’s a big blow ! Its gotta be bravo, as blanco upsets their whole rhythm.

    Mexico will just have to win it then so we can see him take the piss out of Alex again.

  2. Matt

    In light of the comments regarding Castillo’s training, this looks like a potential “mind game” by Sanchez…if he does not start I would not at all be surprised to see him as a sub.

    By the way, I learned of this site this week…very, very appreciative for the amount of commentary/information on the Copa (and Argentinian football in general). I am stuck in the States and it is difficult to get decent reporting on South American football (unless it is to report a tragic death at a game).

  3. Johnny

    With or wo Castillo, Mexico will not beat Argentina. It is that easy. 2-0 for Argentina.

  4. pondwatching

    I dunno Johnny … take away Messi from Argentina … that’s probably the equivalent (when you take into account Castillo’s performances this tournament). Mark Riquleme out the game, then who knows.

    Fortunately they’ve also got Tevez on from the start, and Aimar if they so desire.

    Frankly, I don’t really care who goes through, either are worthy of playing in the final.

  5. Johnny

    pondwatching- Yes Riquelme is a key for Argentina he pulls the strings but yes Messi,Tevez will be a bit too much for the Mexicans to handle. Castillo has played great for the country he plays for but some of those games espically the last one has to be what they call fools gold. Mexico played a man up for 88min and two goals came from PK’s.

  6. pondwatching

    I agree re: the game vs Paraguay … shame coz it was shaping up to be a great battle – I think it would have been really close. The two pks they got were probably last ditch desperate tackles to stop almost certain goals – Castillo gets round the keeper almost 100% (saying that he did miss an open goal vs Brazil), and Guardado’s was a point blank near-side shot or a pass across the keeper for a tap in. Difficult to jusge against 10 men but they’re playing well, and always seem to give Argentina a decent game … they always came across as being similar in how they play the game, though with Castillo they can sit back a bit more and hit on the break.

    Argentina’s defence haven’t faced anybody liek Castillo so far, someone who with blistering pace can still dribble past defenders.

    We’ll see … its a game I would bet on only with your money !

  7. Trooper

    I believe that the winner of Mexico Vs Argentina will take the cup. As far as Nery, without him Mexico will loose. with him they have a fighting chance. Blanco is a bum and Bravo is hit or miss and a lot of the time it’s miss. Mexico has played really well this cup, but Argentina come on, they are a power house. It will definitely be a game to see.

  8. The problem is that Castillo’s pace could really have ruffled Ayala, who, for all his experience, has looked slow and ponderous.

    However, there are still a few quick players in the young Mexican side so they could still spring a surprise. But they’ll need to shut Argentina down in midfield to have any chance. If the Argentines get the ball to Messi and Tevez we’ll see goals galore. Again!


    Castillo will start against Argentina after all tonight after being declared fit

  10. pondwatching

    Close Johnny. Good game in the end for Argentina. A couple of scares but otherwise they had it under control. Their defence looked solid, mascherano having another excellent game.

    Thought most of the players out there looked tense/nervous in their play … their bodies looked tight. There were two exceptions, the two coolest cats on the pitch … Riquelme & Messi … they made the difference. The main turning point being losing a deflating goal like that after a hard fought half, followed by a realisation that it was finally curtains when you see a chip like that going in – both sets of players relaxed as the ending was set.

    Pity, thought it had the chance to be a classic, but hey it was your money – hope you didn’t put a tenner on a 2-0 correct score !

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