Chile Slap Six With 20-Game Ban

The six Chilean players accused of running amok in a hotel room after their match against Mexico last week have been banned from representing their country for 20 games each, the country’s FA said.

Jorge Vargas, Pablo Contreras, Rodrigo Tello, Jorge Valdivia, Reinaldo Navia and Álvaro Ormeño were accused of attacking employees in the hotel restaurant, throwing food and insulting female guests. They are banned for 20 games, will not receive any bonus payments due from this Copa America and they can never captain their country, the FA said in a statement.

An official later said the players could appeal to reduce the punishment after sitting out 10 games. 

The Chilean players were given time off to relax on July 5 after their 0-0 draw with Mexico ensured them a quarter final tie against Brazil. However, things got out of hand and the hotel lodged an official complaint at the players’ behaviour.

Worst was to come for the Chileans on the field as Brazil humiliated them 6-1 and knocked them out the competition.

The news was particularly harmful to Reinaldo Navia. Chilean news reports said his club Colo-Colo had decided not to renew his contract because of the incident and were looking for a replacement in Argentina.


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One response to “Chile Slap Six With 20-Game Ban

  1. hiswizardeyes

    As a Chilean, I found this utterly humiliating (even though I like Brazil). I missed the game, but my mom was watching it and had to turn the TV off after the 2nd goal. Harsh, oh…harsh. It was like Brazil was having the day off. And celebrating after TYING with Mexico? Yeah, they should have seen that ban coming.

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