Messi Wondergoal & The Rest Of Last Night’s Action

Messi’s Golazo:
(For technical ability Chile’s Suazo might argue that his goal against Brazil was better but his was a consolation prize in a game long dead. Messi did this to seal a place in the final.)

Full Match Highlights:

Three more goals last night to add to the four Brazil and Uruguay served up to make it a grand total of seven in total for the semis. This confirms it has been one very attack minded and highly entertaining tournament, and we get a Brazil-Argentina match-up in the final. After the ultimately unsatisfying experience of the last World Cup many footie fans will feel we needed this!



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2 responses to “Messi Wondergoal & The Rest Of Last Night’s Action

  1. Alex K

    thanks for the highlights!

    what’s up with that first goal? what happened to the keeper? and why not head it in??

  2. David L

    Argentina are playing gorgeous football, and for my money are the world’s best team right now. In fact, for the first time in my life I find myself rooting for them against a rather insipid Brazil side. But looking forward to a good match – and hopefully a memorable final.

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