Some Past Argentina-Brazil Match-Ups

It is one of – if not the – most glamorous games in football featuring the two nations that have done most to enrich the world’s game and who just happen to be neighbours and fierce rivals. Some highlights from the past:

1982: Brazil 3-1 Argentina: World Cup second group round – Brazil blow Argentina away.

1990: Argentina 1-0 Brazil: World Cup second round – Eight year’s later it’s Diego’s revenge.

2004: Brazil 2-2 Argentina (Brazil win 4-2 on penalties): Copa America final – On Sunday Brazil will be out for a repeat, Argentina revenge.

2005: Argentina 3-1 Brazil: World Cup Qualifier featured a screamer from Riquelme.

2005: Brazil 4-1 Argentina: Confederations Cup final – A year too soon this was Brazil’s false dawn.



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9 responses to “Some Past Argentina-Brazil Match-Ups

  1. Henrik

    Please, I need help on an story.

    Anyone who knows the goals per game ratio in this Copa América so far??? Must be extremly high!

    Anyone who knows the ratio at the last World Cup?

    Cheers from rainy Rio,


  2. Hi Henrik

    Our running total shows 79 goals in 24 games so far, so just shy of 3.3 goals a game.

    This is well ahead of the World Cup 147 goals in 63 game or 2.3 goals a game.

  3. Henrik


    I knew it. I´m living on the right continent. 3.3 is well over last world cup.

    And, any more news about the fast Copa America ball. Has Nike said anything about their «test»?

  4. Henrik, we ran a piece about Abondanzierri complaining about the speed and lightness of the ball the week before last. That has some info…

  5. Henrik

    Yes, I saw that one. I just wondered if someone else had mentioned something???

    Yesterday Embratur had a gringo party for all PAN games foreign press at MAM, Rio. Mangueira, caiprifruta and All that shit!

    I would prefer some hard core latinrock in Maracaibo and Arepas!

  6. Johnny

    I think this is Argentina Copa America to win, they have a full squad and no way should they lose. Scored 16 and only have let 3 go in 5 games. Their attack is amazing, their defense needs some help but I think when it comes down to it, Ayala, Masche,Henize and Burdiso will all be ready for Brasil. I just warn them be aware of Robihno he is a bit of a diver in the box.

  7. negri

    Robinho is a bit of a diver but too many strikers are these days. Chelsea fans will say that Messi dives too after their European Cup games and in Brazil Tevez made several dives to win crucial penalties in the Brazilian championship with Corinthians – one was very blatant against Cruzeiro. A very shameful dive that undeservedly won three points. And it is not just Robinho in Brazil. Vagner Love dives to win the penalty in the first game against Chile.

    It is time Fifa allowed at least the use of retrospective red cards to ban divers for several games to stamp this out.

  8. Marty

    I would love to see the Ronaldo 3 penalty game vs. Argentina (Brazil 3-1 Arg, WC qualifier, June 2004) but I don’t think it’s on YouTube. Did he vary those penalties or put them all in the same place?

  9. Ronaldo actually took four penalties that night. His first effort was ordered retaken because of encroachment by Kaká. At the second time of asking he placed it in exactly the same place – to Cavallero’s left.

    There’s some very poor quality footage of the three goals here:

    And found these as well not that you see much:
    First goal:

    Third goal:

    El Arbitro was at this game and can’t remember if for the 2nd and 3rd penalties Ronaldo went the same way or not as the first.

    What was most memorable about that night was the atmosphere in the crowd. The capacity of the Minerão was significantly reduced for the game and around a third of the tickets were divided up between CBF bigwigs and local pols so there were loads of people there who normally wouldn’t dare attend a football game and so had a poor grasp of their role as spectators – but that is fairly standard for Brazil games in Brazil.

    But the rest of the crowd put on quite a show but not as you might expect. Belo Horizonte has one of Brazil’s fiercest football rivalries – between Galo and Cruzeiro and the two sets of fans spent most of the night baiting each other, even while Brazil were on the field.

    Yellow tee-shirts were given out to most people on the way in so it looked all yellow on TV. But most people who wore a top to the game were in either Galo or Cruzeiro tops.

    And the singing? Club hymns with one set trying to drown out the other. Here is a clip of the Galo anthem being sung while the game is on and the Cruzeiro fans trying whistling at it:

    Despite being Brazil’s third biggest city and football mad (bigger average gates than Rio or São Paulo) Belo Horizonte gets few high profile Brazil games and many football fans in the city reckon it is because CBF doesn’t trust the fans to set aside their local rivalry and get behind the national team.

    The next day the Galo fans I spoke to were more animated by the fact that they clearly were the majority at the game and their anthem was heard louder and more frequently than Cruzeiro’s than they were about beating Argentina – there is an endless debate between the fans over which has the more supporters.

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