The Difference Between Brazil And Argentina

I just got back from speaking with four Brazilian players. Julio Baptista, Doni, Vagner Love and Juan met with reporters before the afternoon training session.

The most interesting thing about the encounter was that it confirmed all the stereotypical differences between Argentina and Brazil. The Argentine press conferences take place regularly and feature two players chosen on a rotating basis from the squad. There is a room set up specially and the player sit at a table and answer as many questions as are posed to them. It’s orderly and civilised.

The Brazilian press conference consisted of herding the press into a big room. About 15 minutes later the door opened and the four players appeared. The press ran to each of the players and pushed and shoved for the best vantage point. Everyone shouted their questions over one another. It was chaotic and the one who could push hardest or shout the loudest or find some way to outwit their rivals got the best material.

The talk from the players themselves was nothing new. The Brazilians seem to be aware that they are not favourites in Sunday’s final and they all pointed out (as if coached) that the Argentines have been playing together longer and thus have an advantage.

“They’ve been playing together a long time so they know where they are going to be without looking so we’ll need to keep our eyes on all of them,” said Juan. “We’ll need to mark well. (But) we came here to get to the final and we managed that and I think we have what it takes to win.”

I got the distinct impression that the Brazilian players would have delighted in being the underdog for once if only it didn’t mean talking up the Argentines.



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6 responses to “The Difference Between Brazil And Argentina

  1. Bo Duke

    Anyone get the impression that Brasil’s entire philosophy and formation has been set up all tournament for this one game? I reckon Dunga decided long ago that without his most creative players available his best chance against Argentina would be to pack the midfield with ball winners, soak up the pressure, try to stifle Riquelme, cut off Messi & co’s supply lines and hit them back fast on the break and exploit a sluggish Argentine back line. That’s how they’ve been playing mostly all tournament, even if the opposition didn’t merit these tactics, and it’s given them time to adapt to the formation.

    Is Dunga being canny or cowardly here?

  2. Johnny

    Bo Duke-Well I can see what you are saying, Brasil has played some what of a boring style, they just want the W and that is all. People in Brasil are saying what in the world are they doing? Mr. Basile has said it’s not about winning it’s about how you win. I know Brasil will preasure Argentina, however I just think Argentina has been rocking and rolling for this last few weeks. They have played amazing football. Brasil will be missing their Cap in Gilberto Silva and that might be a problem. Every team has tried to throw something@ Argentina and they have just taken it and used amazing skill to score goals. With Messi, Tevez that is just too much for this Brasilian team to handle. Crespo going down might of been a blessing in disguise. I think Zanetti will have a major game in the back, and only thing I worry for Argentina is Robihno, he is a infamous diver, we have seen it in this Copa America two times. Messi, and Tevez will be too much, and Riquelme pulling the strings, and looks like Veron has got his game back from what I saw from Mexico, and Brasil well they did not look so great vs Uruguay.

  3. Sam

    How’re you Brazilians think about this boring football that’s been going on since last world cup?

    Argentina is the one who’s playing beautiful football, not Brazil anymore.

  4. Hi Sam

    People are not happy with the football being played under Dunga but there is no real outrage as the country is not too preoccupied with the national team right now. Could be still a post-World Cup hangover.

    People want to win tomorrow but I do not think they’ll be too bothered if they lose. The reaction to this Copa in Brazil has suffered from the lack of the biggest names being included, the fact the domestic championship is still going on at the same time and the hosting of the Pan American Games in Rio which is getting an unbelievable amount of attention in the local press – at the expense of the Copa.

    Brazilians went into the last World Cup with such high expectations about Ronaldinho, Kaká, Robinho and Ronaldo.

    It all ended badly and the public has yet to reconnect with their national side, perhaps not surprisingly as of all the teams that took part in the last World Cup Brazil is the only one that has not played at home since.

    Dunga’s appointment was greeted with scepticism but he was given the benefit of the doubt but many wonder if he is just keeping the seat warm for a more experienced coach nearer the next World Cup (Felipão after Euro 08 sees out his obligations to Portugal or Luxemburgo, widely seen as the best coach working in Brazil today).

    Could be just idle Brazilian gossip but Dunga has yet to shake off the feeling that his rule is just a interregnum.


    HAHAHHA…Do any of u live in brazil??…are any of u brazilians??? pkease do me a favor shut ur mouths…and dont speak as if u really know whats going on and what US BRAZILIANS THINKS AND FYI….WE ARE ONE OF THE FAVORS TO WIN THIS YEARS WORLD CUP!!!

  6. I Believe argentine will better than brazil i believe 2014 world cup winner would soon be argentine trophy in 2014

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