Blatter Loves Love

FIFA President Sepp Blatter thinks that Vanger Love was the best player of the Copa America.

Blatter said Love, along with Argentina’s Lionel Messi, were his personal favourites from the tournament.

It would be hard to take Blatter seriously were he not so brilliant at holding onto power at such  an influential and powerful organisation as FIFA.  He is clearly an intelligent man whose considerable personal charm are rivalled by his ability to mainpulate. But statements like this show just how little he knows about football.

Vagner Love is a decent enough centre forward. But he was not the outstanding player for Brazil, never mind of the whole competition.



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5 responses to “Blatter Loves Love

  1. Victor

    Vagner Love is crap, I can’t believe he is even deemed good enough to play for Brazil. I know that Ronaldo and Adriano have not had good seasons, but they would so do better than Love would ever do.

  2. tito

    Vagner Love was also one of my favorite players of the tournament … but that’s only because of how the announcer on the Spanish channel would always break from his super fast chatter to deeply intone “Vagner L-O-V-V-V-E” whenever he got a touch!


    Blatter? That guy is to world football what Bush is to world peace…

  3. el choripan

    Nice one tito – how IS it possible that Blatter (let alone Havelange) runs world football? He’s truly shocking – and here to stay.

  4. Marty

    Is this the place to make jokes about Brazil’s first Love, Blatter’s lost Love etc?

  5. eiphan

    yeah!!! Shocking news… How could he ( Blatter) comment this way??? I can’t believe it…. Vagner Love is the lousiest Brazilian striker in a decade…. I am not going to say ” Mr. Blatter, you should choose Leo Messi instead,,, bla bla bla””” He just showed how stupid he is in the sense of football… Of course everyone has their point of view… for example,, even Dunga is giving favour to Love for a first choice striker along side with Robinho… however, tipping him as BEST PLAYER OF TOURNAMENT is toooo muchhh idiottt Mr, Blatttterrrr…. 😦 sick

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