Mexico beat Uruguay 3-1 To Finish 3rd

Mexico came from a goal down to clinch third place in the Copa America for the third time after they beat 10-man Uruguay 3-1 in Caracas this evening.

Abreu opened the scoring for Uruguay in the 21st minute but Mexico equalised when Blanco scored from the spot in the 35th minute as Uruguay were reduced to 10 men with Lugano given his marching orders for the penalty incident.

Los Charrúas held out for a further half hour but Omar Bravo and Guardado scored mid way through the half to wrap the game up for the Tri. It was the first game of the tournament staged in the capital Caracas, which lost the right to hold one of the semi-finals because of “security concerns” over the Olympic stadium.



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14 responses to “Mexico beat Uruguay 3-1 To Finish 3rd

  1. andyelbolso

    Lugano’s was a straight red, not a second yellow. And a pretty ridiculous one too. Ball goes up in the air, Lugano’s arms go up in expectation of it coming down, arm is admittedly against the Mexican’s face, but not a hint of movement towards it. Red card, penalty, game over after 25 minutes. Good one ref.

    (The Mexican goes down like a sniper’s got him, but can’t really blame that – we are talking South America!).

  2. el choripan

    The ref did have a shocker – earlier on I think he missed what should have been a penalty for Mexico when Lugano brought down Omar Bravo. Was he trying to make up for that decision second time round?

    Nery had a great match, despite the heavy marking, and I was really surprised Guardado wasn’t on from the beginning, he was running rings around the defence.

    I thought Uruguay did well to keep trying to take the game to Mexico, very much in the spirit of the copa so far, but they couldn’t quite manage it. Fucile, Cebolla, Abreu stood out among some great performances.

    Forlan, however, had a terrible game. His passing was lousy and led to the second goal, which was really the nail in the coffin – the rest of the time he seemed totally static.

  3. tito

    For me it was a bit of a sad game as I like both teams and they both came out rather awkwardly. Mexico had been dismantled by Argentina while Uruguay had been dismantled by a ref in the prior round and it showed initially. There were some blown calls early, but fundamentally the ref did a good job of getting control of the game…

    Between the good screwings the seniors got in the copa and the juniors got at the u-20 worldcup, Uruguyans must be a pretty unhappy place. My sympathies :-/

  4. Cheers andyelbolso

    Brain fart there – have changed it.

  5. Marty

    This is not to put anyone down, but Uruguay were not “dismantled by a ref” against Brazil. They played a great game against Brazil and my heart goes out to them, and yes the penalty should have been ordered retaken, but nonetheless the ref did not shoot a penalty straight down the middle, nor did the ref hit the post the kick before. The ref did not cost Uruguay the match outright, and I’m rather tired of the whole ‘blame the ref’ game that happens the world over (yes, even in Australia, haha).

  6. Marty

    (I mean he didn’t cost the match against Brazil outright. the Mexico game he may well have.)

  7. tito

    Cool. I’m glad to hear you’re over the penalty Italy’s Grosso drew in the ~90th min to put you guys out of the last world cup ;^>

  8. andyelbolso

    Yeah I agree Marty – you can’t really blame the referee for a penalty shot down the middle – just leaves that niggling doubt ‘what if’ he had stayed on his line. Would he have dived further either way?

    Complaining in the semis was more frustration at missing out by a whisker against a regular nemesis, this complaint has a bit more substance.

    The ref made mistakes both ways against Mexico – like the penalty against Uruguay he didn’t give. But a sending off in the first half is a big deal – changes the whole balance of the game. You’d better be sure you’re right, and there’s no way he could have been.

  9. Stas

    A straight red card for Lugano was a bit harsh. I see the ref excused for not awarding penalty & not giving him the yellow card a moment earlier. But the official should’ve been consistent and should’ve given Lugano a yellow one for that push in the area.

    Uruguay was pretty good at defending and Bravo & Guardado managed to score from outside of the area only with long and well placed shots. C. Rodrigues wasn’t that dangerous yesterday…

    Anybody knows what happened to Recoba? They say he’s got injured in the semi?

  10. andyelbolso

    Yeah Recoba was out because of an injury. Most people seem to be saying that his Uruguay days are running out. Personally, I think he was never the most mobile of players (!), and his game shouldn’t be that affected that much by a couple more years on the clock. I was a bit surprised how early he came off against Brazil (unless it was the injury), because his crosses were lethal, really put Brazil under pressure, and led to the first goal.

  11. Marty

    Now that our paths no longer cross, best of luck to Uruguayan fans for WC 2010 qualifying! This tournament sure has been an education to me.

  12. Stas

    andyelbolso, definitely Recoba was lethal with his weapon. Moreover, he showed no sign of injury in the first half, that’s why I wondered if something happened to him.

    His international days seem to be over – it’s a pity that he didn’t manage to come close to his vast potential as a player. Not least because of those injuries.

  13. andyelbolso

    Cheers Marty – good banter. Good to see Australia doing their bit for the Iraqi population – that result must have really lifted their spirits. Sorry – couldn’t resist…

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