Still Bitter, Uruguay Prepare For 3rd Place Play-Off

Uruguay face Mexico this evening in Caracas in the 3rd place play-off still bitter about their elimination by Brazil in a penalty shoot-out in the semi-final.

Uruguayans claim they were let down by the refereeing on Tuesday night which should have ordered their final penalty kick be retaken as Brazil’s Doni was several strides off his line. Doni saved the spot kick of Uruguay’s captain Diego Lugano to dump out Uruguay.

Now the president of the Uruguayan Football Association Dr. José Luis Corbo has sent a letter to the refereeing committee of CONMEBOL, the region’s federation, demanding that Tuesday’s referee, Colombian Oscar Ruiz, no longer officiate any games involving Uruguay or Uruguayan club sides.

Uruguayan football officials say that Tuesday night was not the first time that Ruiz had prejudiced their sides and that they are within their right in making the request.



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3 responses to “Still Bitter, Uruguay Prepare For 3rd Place Play-Off

  1. Felipe

    Well, I think this is a standard action for Uruguay, given the deep rivalry and misgivings that they have with Colombia. For the past nine years, both sides have been battling it out for the last World Cup qualiying spot in Conmebol. Ask any Colombian, and they will tell you that when their “seleccion Colombia” plays Uruguay – in any competition – that game is more intense than others, except for a game against the “albicelestes” of Argentina.
    Oscar Julian Ruiz is one of the best referees in all of South America, but, he is Colombian. I have not seen a replay of that particular penalty shot. The only ones Uruguay has to blame for their loss are the Uruguayan players. They should have played with more fire, pressed on the ball more, and they wouldn’t be in the third-place game against Mexico.

    Once again, it should be a terrific world cup qualifyng cycle in South America, especially with Peru’s and Venezuela’s level of play rising significantly lately.

  2. andyelbolso

    The tricky thing is that as a ref, you are only judged on your mistakes. I thought Ruiz had a good game generally, but made a big, basic mistake at the end, and should be called to account for it. And when you accumulate mistakes against a particular country (Uruguay had an inexistent penalty called against them by Ruiz against Brazil a couple of years back), you’ll inevitably raise suspicions.

    Don’t agree with your assessment of the game – I think most would agree it was a ripper, and if anyone sat back it was Brazil each time they were ahead.

    Agree with you that the qualifiers are going to be great. What’s the betting it comes down to Uruguay & Colombia for the 5th spot??

  3. Who do you think will take third and fourth spots?

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