The Five Reasons Mexico Is Going For A Sorry Hat-trick

Today’s game against Uruguay will see Mexico trying to win the third place play-off for the third time, having won one of the most dispiriting games in football already in 1997 and 1999.

Mexico’s El Universal goes over the five reasons why the Tri ended up once again in tonight’s game and not tomorrow’s final:


The inclusion of Oswaldo Sánchez in goal, who was gravely at fault for the first Argentina goal and caught out for the second.


Guardado’s shot off the post in the 34th minute of the 1st half. Just 10 minutes before Argentina’s goal, had this gone in it could have changed the course of the game.


The taking off of Torrado and Cacho at half-time. The team were 1-0 down but they had a stability that was lost with the withdrawal of these two players.


The entrance of Medina and Omar Bravo. The latter leaves much to be desired while the former was involved in the disastrous Gold Cup and didn’t do enough to justify his inclusion in the squad.


The injury to Nery Castillo. He was on from the start but he was still absent.

Mexico came into the Copa in disarray with coach Hugo Sánchez under pressure after the disastrous showing in the Gold Cup and Sánchez showed up pleading for patience from his critics in the media. The rancor was quickly forgotten when Mexico beat Brazil in their opener and and went on to top their group and stroll to the semi-finals.

But of the five reasons El Universal cites above for the defeat to Argentina – all mentioned elsewhere in the Mexican press – three are direct criticisms of Sánchez’s tactics and it looks like the pressure is now back on the coach.


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One response to “The Five Reasons Mexico Is Going For A Sorry Hat-trick

  1. Nino Dorado

    How they can criticise Sanchez is beyond me. Fair enough, the Gold Cup wasn’t great but he did enough here to redeem himself and at least buy himself some time. Sounds like his personal relationship with the press in Mexico is what has got their back up rather than what he has done on the field.

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