And That Was LFW On The 2007 Copa America!

And so after a great three weeks of football it is time for us to take a break and then get back to the day jobs and make some money.

Thanks to everyone who dropped by, we’ve really enjoyed meeting up here with so many other fans of Latin football and come the end of August we’d like to come back and keep it going.

So we’d like to ask if people out there would be interested in a more regular blog on football from South America and if so what kind of thing they would like to see in it – is there an interest in news and views on the club scene here or are people more interested in the international game and the World Cup qualifiers which kick off shortly?

Post a comment on what you’d be interested in and hopefully many of us can reconvene here again in a few weeks time.

Also it has been suggested that we send out an e-mail notifying people about when we are back up and running again. If you are interested in receiving this then e-mail us at:
and we’ll send out an e-mail notifying you when we’re back again.

Goes without saying we’ll treat your details with total confidentiality and never share them with anyone else.

We’ll be in touch


Andrew and Tom



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32 responses to “And That Was LFW On The 2007 Copa America!

  1. Jesse G.

    I, for one, would love a news and views kind of thing about the club scene since there is very little good english language writing about it that I have found. You guys did a great job on the Copa America, keep it up!

  2. andyelbolso

    Thought the blog was fantastic, well done. And I would certainly revisit it, particularly during WC qualifiers, as it provides a perfect platform for my extremely biased opinion.

    I’d suggest a kind of mail-out when a new cycle / tournament begins, to remind us that you are there – is there a place to subscribe or summat?

  3. Thanks for the feedback folks.

    Good idea about an the e-mail notifying people when we are back.

    If interested you could send an e-mail to:
    and we’ll send out an e-mail notifying you when we’re back again.

    Goes without saying we’ll treat your details with total confidentiality and never share them with anyone else.

    We’ll be in touch

  4. El Tri-pas

    Agree Jesse G; please include the Mexican league as well. I’d love to hear a ‘foreigner’s’ thoughts on the game south of the border.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. I guess to dvelve on the whole Central and South American continent is quite a task. Maybe yu should cover the Copa Libertadores with snippets, extra information, players to watch out for from various teams across different countries.

    In that way we can get a fairly good representation of ‘happennings’ in the Latin Football World.

  6. JuanJulioG

    good job guys!

    It has been very interesting to follow your blogs. As a Peruvian living in the States, you miss knowledgeable comments about soccer. It was specially reamarkable to read the European impression about South American soccer, since this is the truly global game.

    keep up the good work.

  7. Luigi

    Andrew and Tom,

    Indeed I’m interested in more regular blog on South American football, beginning with:

    * comming up at the end of this month: Copa Nissan Sudamericana 2007
    * FIFA Club World Cup 2007 with Boca Juniors representing South America coming december
    * Copa Toyota Libertadores 2008 in february and so on.

    Aside from the World Cup Qualifiers and the international games, the south american club football would be interested to analyze giving the afore mentioned competitions.

    Thanks in advance!

  8. Shoghi

    Loved the blog, please keep it going as long as you guys can.

    Perhaps a idea for an entry: explaining some of the rules in different leagues for determining champions. In Ecuador for example I know that this rule changes every year. A couple of years ago it was a each team faces each other twice type format, akin to most major leagues in the world. However this year it’s some crazy take on the clausura-apertura format involving some kind of “hexagonal” format, yuck!

    Cheers guys!!

  9. carlos

    Great job guys! You had some of the best commentary I could find anywhere.

    Come back soon.

  10. Stas

    Thanks again for the blog!

    It would be great to read about WC qualification and about Copa Libertadores along with news from Argentinian, Brazilian & Mexican higher leagues.

    Have nice holidays!

  11. Alan Steenstrup

    Great job, enjoyed your blog very much and hope you continue it. I would say my main interest is in the WC qualifiers, although I am sure you will also cover other topics that will be of interest even if one cannot follow the individual leagues all that closely.

  12. Michael

    As an American who is not fluent in Spanish or Portuguese, or any other language other than English for that matter, it was nice to find an English language news source on Latin American football. English press related to soccer barely notes anything that happens outside the British Isles, so it was nice to get some perspective on football nations that do not speak English. And also, as an American who one day hopes MLS clubs will be able to compete in the Copa Libertadores, it would be fun to keep up with this perspective of Latin American football so I can have an insight in to what is happening instead of just looking at league tables and wikipedia. Very nice work indeed.

  13. Ei Phan

    yeah !!! it’s great blog and I really enjoyed it,,,, hope to see u all again in next copa.. actually, i am not very familiar with latin america football ( I am Asian) but now average more than 3 goals per game really impresses me. I can conclude that Latin football is truely passionate football…. 😀

  14. Jay

    Would love it if you could keep blogging about Latin American football — this is the great football culture that we in the UK know too little because of the language barrier even though we are mesmerised by it . Just to read about the issues, players and culture is enough, what Tostao is saying in his columns and so on, it would be magic.

  15. sajid

    I would love for you to keep blogging about the south american world cup qualifiers. A nice alternate to euro-centric coverage we get throughout other mainstream football media.

  16. pondwatching

    yes, many thanks from the ‘our man in ….’ perspective.

    In addition, I’d also like to see a bit of time to the CONCACAF WC qualification … I was very impressed with some of the football played by Honduras, Panama and Cuba, to name but three of the ‘lesser’ known teams in the region. Mexico and the States are progressing nicely, and even Canada, seems to be competing again. Looks like being a competitive competition.

  17. Marty

    This was fun, let’s do it again sometime!

    Interested in the WC qualifiers (if possible with links to goals scored as you have done here). Also have a few looks at some of the happenings and issues of lesser-reported countries (both selecciones and club scenes), Bolivia, Paraguay, Ecuador, Chile etc. even though they are very specific markets. It’s just that there’s nowhere to read about these settings in English.

    Thanks for the blog!

  18. che argentino

    loved the copa america coverage. it would be great to have a blog that devoted itself to the happenings of latin american football year round, from copas to the various leagues. thanks guys for the great writing.

  19. eiphan

    yeah…. I strongly support blog to keep running so that we can share our perspectives on latin football. Latin Football should well be informative to the whole world alongside with European football.

  20. Henrik

    Great work guys! This must continue! If it´s possible it could be good to start up again with the qualifiers in October. I think that has the biggest interest generally. But for me personally it would be cool to have it rolling all year round. There are so many fucking great untold stories on this continent!

    Cheers from rio!

  21. Jake

    Best blog I’ve read in a while. Would like to see coverage of maybe latin players in leagues across the world, mainly the big ones, including transfers. And coverage of la liga and other big games/cups would sitll be in the scope of what the blog is defined as. I know that sounds like a lot, but maybe you could accept volunteers to be “beat” writers, covering everything about a certain area. Or allow users to submit articles or links to articles. That way, everyone would share information.

  22. daniel aramayo

    appreciate all the work you guys have done very much. i would love to see you guys cover the World Cup Qualifiers. it’d be nice to see the various leagues of Latin America covered, but i think that’s asking a little much. anything you guys do, i’m sure i’ll still be an avid reader. thanks again.

  23. Nacho

    Anything and everything. Good work.

  24. Whitlinho

    I haven’t had a chance to look thru much of it, but I must say –simply outstanding work here.

    As for suggestions for future efforts, it wouldn’t surprise me if it already was done here and I missed it, but one thing that’s sorely lacking –in general– during the tight confines of big tournaments is any reliable sort of card count and knowing who’s riding cautions and looking at a match ban next time he picks one up.

    Official tournament sites are an absolute joke in this regard, and my efforts to count on my own have been hampered by the fact that “match pages” at other sites tend to be riddled with inaccuracies (naming guys as booked who weren’t, and not naming guys who were in fact booked), but I don’t doubt that those running things here could handle such a job just fine.

    Anyway, many thanks for this –my only regret is that I didn’t see it until after the tournament concluded.

  25. Phil

    Great job guys! This was real fun. One last question, can anyone out there tell me why Saviola didn’t play in the Copa? He had a good World Cup, what happened?

  26. Futbol4a

    I would love to keep reading about footie in South America. If you guys have the time, it would be great. It is hard to get decent coverage of SA soccer action in English. Thanks for all your Copa!

  27. Alessandro Penna

    Grande Andrew,
    o blog è perfeito. Sou Alessandro Penna, do Guerin Sportivo, lembra do Rio? Queria te mandar os parabens e um obrigado pelos contatos que vc me enviou. Grande abraço

  28. It was one of the best soccer events last year. This year we will have Euro 2008!

  29. messi fan

    check out pretty cool SA soccer site

  30. NICE POST…………….

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