About Latin Football World

Latin Football World is the brainchild of two South American-based journalists who are fanaticos about Latin American football. Andrew has spent 17 years living in Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro and Tom has spent the best part of the decade in Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo. Both write regularly for UK and US based newspapers and magazines on Latin American affairs.

Andrew is in Venezuela to file regular reports and and Tom is checking local reaction from the competing nations.

Editors interested in stories should e-mail latinfootballworld@gmail.com


10 responses to “About Latin Football World

  1. i very much enjoy the blog, and thank you guys for putting it on. any other blogs related to the copa america or latin american football i should check out?

  2. El Arbitro

    Thanks Daniel,

    As far as we know we are the only blog in English coming live from Venezuela.

    Keep checking back, we’ll be at the Argentina-Colombia game tomorrow.

  3. pondwatching

    keep up the good work guys … its a pity that more folks aren’t getting involved … I know you gave the blog a wee plug on the GU website – maybe a bit of reinforcing is required.

    must say I’m a tad jealous. Saw three games in BA early last year at Independiente, Boca and River … reminded me of the good old days back on the terraces of Firhill, Fir Park, Dens, the Dunbar Road End, etc, etc in the early eighties. Obviously there were a few more in attendance at Fir Park 😉 Ahh, the good old days.

  4. El Arbitro

    Thanks pondwatching,

    We’ve plugged it a few times. Now we’ll leave it to you. Why don’t you go sing our praises? It might sound better coming from an impartial source.

    One thing? More folk at Fir Park that the Dunbar End? Maybe, but when you factor in the Shed, the West Stand and the big old terrace, it’s a different story….


  5. Just stumbled on your blog via GU. Glad I did – added to my bookmarks.

  6. cheers tyger – nice to hear we’re of service!

  7. pondwatching

    I did try and plug it … couple of mentions I believe.

    re references to various stadia above, I didn’t explain too well … meant that the crowds were obviously far greater when I saw Partick, than when I was at Independiente for instance, though I was trying to be a bit sarcastic ! I assume you are talking about the Easter road with the big old terrace … I sat at the edge of the top section of the terracing with me feet dangling down to see Best once, when I was a naive lad, but I enjoyed many more games from the Dunbar Road end … 😉 😉

  8. I saw Bestie play against Partick Thisle from that same terrace. More than 20,000 there that day, more than double the regular attendance. I’m tempted to say it beats seeing Riquelme, Messi, et al….

  9. pondwatching

    Big crowd for the late 70’s against a non old firm team. Must admit, don’t really remember anything else other than where I sat … just a lad on my first trip up Hibs Brae (St Clair St) having arrived back from canada, knowing nowt bowt sport bar Darryl Sittler and Guy Lafleur, and Bobby Clarke. We didn’t have televisions where I lived until 1977 – guess things didn’t change much when I got back to Leith !!

    Alas, almost thirty years later I’m back in the frozen north, and can only really live my football outings through the TV (50″ plasma is on the ship arriving Sept – that Ecuador-Brazil game looked fantastic on my basic telly – Mrs Pond and I are gonna have problems I foresee, once a get that corker set up !!) and obviously lucky buggers like you. Thanks for providing the window for all of us to peer through … which reminds me.

  10. Hey Guys, I love your blog!! I hope you will keep covering Latin Football after Copa America is over.

    Just out of school I’m moving to Brasilia in the fall with my wife(returning to her home city) and hope to be covering Latin American politics/sports once i’m there.

    Best wishes!!

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