HT: Mexico 3-0 Paraguay

Mexico as good as secured themselves a slot in the semi-finals after Paraguay hit the self-destruct button early in a game most thought would be finely balanced.

Paraguay’s keepr Bobadilla was sent off in the second minute for taking down Mexico striker Nery Castillo as he pounced on a sloppy back pass.

While Bobadilla can blame his defender for leaving him in the lurch his rash attempt to salvage the situation merited a red card and left his team-mates facing 88 minutes playing 10 against 11 in the tropical heat and rain of Maturín.

Castillo scored the penalty and Paraguay left themselves exposed searching for an equaliser allowing  Gerardo Torrado and Castillo to add two more and as good as kill off the game.

The game is hard luck on Paraguay who lost their first choice keeper Villar to injury after several solid performances. They were forced to turn to Bobadilla who endured a torrid season at Boca Juniors where several poor performances saw him lose his place in the team mid-way through their Copa Libertadores winning season.


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